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Rim of the World Rally - Gary English
Gary English in his GTV6 - Rim of the World Rally

Gary English - SCCA Rally Class

Rim of the World Rally

I run in the Performance Stock Class and placed 3rd. Rim is considered the most rugged rally in the SCCA National Series, lasts 2 days, has both tarmac and dirt stages (some are very rocky). The Alfa is mechanically stock (and 20 years old , 77K original miles !) no one can believe that the engine has never been apart, (well, maybe its time....) as it sounds so good with the very open exhaust. It has a full roll cage that goes from the rally light mounts all the way back to the rear bumper, a 22 gallon fuel cell, taller and stiffer springs, gas shocks and 3 stout aluminum skid plates. Sparco seats, 5 point belts, fire system & 2 Teratrip Rally computers. I have been rallying on and off since 1979 and switched from a Datsun 510 to a 1976 Alfetta (I preped for group N) to run the two World Rally Championship events held in the USA (1986 & 1987). I moved up to a GTV6 in 1995 when I figured out I would move down a Class. (hey, I didn't write the rules, I just read them) The 4 cylinder was quicker and the GTV6 is faster.....At the Ensenda 2000 event in 1996 (1st group N) the GTV6 hit the rev limter many times in 5th. When I got home I measured the rally tires and did the math. We hit 137 mph 17 times, 8 times on pavement, 9 times on DIRT !

Gary English Arvin, CA


Rim of the World Rally - Gary English