The Racing Page -
Fantastic handling, great brakes & superlative engines combine to make a car that is very happy & capable on the racing track. The fact of the matter is that in most cases, the capabilities of the car far outweighs the talent of the driver. In order to correct this imbalance slightly, and learn more about the Alfas abilities at the limits of adhesion, I will shortly be participating in a series of Alfa Club events meant to supply just that education. 

Although an unmodified GTV6 will perform beautifully, I have decided to make a few changes to mine to tailor it more to the racing track environment & to suit my personal preferences. You can find out more about these changes on the Mikes GTV6 Page. (opens in main windows frame)

The point of this series of pages will be to detail my experiences (& post cool pics) of the various driving schools and time trials I plan on attending - so check back every so often to see if a new page has been added. If any reader of this page would like to contribute photographs and text detailing one of your experiences at a competition driving event, in any Alfa, please contact me.

Links to the GTV6 site, racing event pages:

  1. AROSC Driving School - Street Performance Class - Streets of Willow Springs - 31 May - June 01, 1997
  2. AROSC Time-Trial - February 1998
  3. One Lap of Laguna Seca Race track.   I had a video camera installed in my GTV6 when the Alfa Club visited Laguna Seca for a time trial last year.  This footage was taken during the timed laps when my driving was a little, umm, ragged at times...
    This is in AVI format so you probably have the necessary player already on your computer.   If not, you can download a player here:
    get the realplayer here
    Please note that the file size is about 11Mb and will take about 38 minutes to download if you have a 56K modem.  Sound is included (of course!).  The picture below shows the GTV about to enter the famous corkscrew section which is better than any rollercoaster!

    download the "one Lap of Laguna Seca video Clip"
  4. AROSC Race School - May 2000
  5. Gary English's Rally GTV6.