Other Than Alfa Racing Developments

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Other Than Alfa Racing Developments

Post by MD » Sat Oct 07, 2017 2:39 pm

We all love to read about and see footage of our beloved brand doing its thing. After all, this is a dedicated and wonderful website for the transaxle Alfa Romeo. I commend everyone for the selfless sharing of information that goes on here.

The Technical topic set, "Race Cars and Track Preparation" is a well patronised feature. There is a restriction of its use to limit entries for Alfa Romeo only. I can see the original logic behind this restriction. On balance and in the real world out there we know that Alfa is not the font of all knowledge when it comes to motorsport. There are many progressive developments happening from individuals and corporations. I believe that useful information gathered from any source and contributed to this site would revitalise and refresh the interest of this Forum.

I therefore recommend to the administrator to expand the main topic set to provide for an inclusion of material for Other Than Alfa Racing Developments to broaden the knowledge base this Forum is renowned for.
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Re: Other Than Alfa Racing Developments

Post by KevinR » Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:27 pm

Hi MD, I think it great idea to incorporate other racing developments. If it wasn't for going to international motorsport shows , perusing other race forums and sharing info I would never have found out about some upgrades I have made to my GTV . For instance the TRT propshaft was such a good find for me and now I have seen a " self balancing " flywheel for V6 motors ( and on a race alfa ) that continuously stays in balance up the entire Rev range . I have seen it but have no idea how it works . Maybe some out there has seen it ?
Other ideas from Intrax and their F1 anti roll shocks which can be made for the GTV !!
Would be nice to see guys like Mats sharing some info on technology in this link you propose even if it's for his " pitiful :wall: reliable cheap to run BMW.
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