New to MS, need advice on turbocharging

Related to the Bowling & Grippo Fuel Injection system.
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New to MS, need advice on turbocharging

Post by jamal555 » Tue Jul 22, 2008 8:32 am

Hi all,

i'm pretty new to MS system and have a few questions... i read all of the useful info here and still have few questions that i haven't found reference to...

I have 1.8t engine in Alfa 75... and would like to get rid of LE2/EZ201K combo...

I want also to put on EDIS to get rid of the distributor, and was thinking on the latest MSII v3.57...

So my questions are... since EDIS is going in i cant go back to original installation so gutting my LE2 isnt a problem... but aside from IAT, WBO2, 36-1 wheel and bigger injectors what other stuff i will have to look out for... since i have turbocharger and dual ecu setup now...

Any help is welcomed since i didnt find any info on similar setup...
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