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Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2009 12:58 pm
by Henrik75
Hi all! New member here.
My car is a '92 75 3.0 QV with Motronic management.
I'm ordering MSII these days, and I've also scored an EDIS6 system with performance coil pack and vr sensor. To the question: Is there a way now to run the EDIS off my original trigger wheel, or will I have to fit a 36-1 wheel? Also, should I get new injectors for my slightly warmed-over engine or will the originals do?

Thanks for any input!

Re: MSII+Motronic+EDIS

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 12:27 am
by Steve R
Hi Henrik,

Welcome to the forum!

Regarding EDIS you will need to use a version of the Ford 36 tooth wheel, as unfortunately the Alfa 60 tooth wheel is not compatable with the input the EDIS system expects.

Regarding injectors check out the part number but if yours are 0280 150 105 you will find they are pretty close to their duty cycle limits as standard, giving little room for additional fuel flow. If your part number differs just check it out online, from memory there are good resources for this sort of thing on the MS pages.

Good luck with the install, MS certainly provides an opportunity to learn a lot while you get the car running the way you want.

btw I'm running MS1 fuel and spark control with bigger injectors in a warmed over 3.0 - it runs great!


Re: MSII+Motronic+EDIS

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 4:04 pm
by Zamani
Hi Henrik,

If you haven't ordered the MS2, what about VEMS? Since it uses 60-2 trigger, might be easier for you.

Re: MSII+Motronic+EDIS

Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 12:33 am
by Henrik75
Thanks for the replies!
I haven't bought the MS yet, but the Edis is already mine....

Re: MSII+Motronic+EDIS

Posted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 5:13 am
by Luis
Henrik75 wrote:Thanks for the replies!
I haven't bought the MS yet, but the Edis is already mine....
You donĀ“t need EDIS, you can configure MSII to work whith all the sensors and trigger wheels of the motronic, even the stock dizzy ignition.

If you want distributorless ignition you have to mod the MSII to MSIIextra, add more ignition drivers, one cam sensor and drive directly the ignition pack in wasted spark mode.

Take a look at: ... htm#3coils