FS/EOI: Megasquirt, l-jet circuit v2.2

Related to the Bowling & Grippo Fuel Injection system.
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FS/EOI: Megasquirt, l-jet circuit v2.2

Post by joey » Thu May 13, 2010 2:56 am

Just wondering if anyone is interested in an almost complete MS unit, optimized for L-jet...

This got to the testing stage (around stage 50 IIRC - testing with the stimulator) and passed, just never got finished! haha... annoying since i was offered good money for it back in 2005 or so, and passed it up on the assumption i was going to acquire a gtv6 to fit it in...

never did :(

Shoot me a msg if interested... going cheap... making way for new projects that I actually will use!



ps: hey to the OG!
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