Blanking oil return hole for mech tensioner upgrade

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Blanking oil return hole for mech tensioner upgrade

Post by Franknstein » Mon Dec 03, 2012 3:21 am

Hi All

I'm busy on a cambelt replacement on a 1982 GTV6, and upgrading to the mechanical tensioner.
I've been supplied a fastener kit from Highwood alfa to install the tensioner - now - all the literature I've found on the net, together with the video on the cardisc all say to drill and tap the return hole at 8x1.25. The grub screw supplied with the kit from Highwood is too small, at 6x1.25, so before I've even drilled and tapped the return hole, the grub screw will just fall in the hole as its too small. I've spoken with Highwood, and they get stock from two suppliers, and they all come with 6x1.25, which is contrary to all the guides on the interent for the job.

Can anyone shed some light on the matter?

But, they've also supplied an aluminium plug (tapered). Which I imagine would be a better solution. However, I cannot find any reference as to the best way of using this plug. Do i just hammer it in there? Then it would stick proud out the block and the tensioner would foul it when rotating - can someone please let me know the best way of going about installing this blanking plug? I presume you need to hammer it in then trim it flush - but how hard/far should I knock it in there - I dont want to crack the block!

ANy help appreciated!

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Re: Blanking oil return hole for mech tensioner upgrade

Post by slyalfa » Thu Dec 13, 2012 10:11 pm

Well my $0.02 is to take the long one with the hole in it on the right and weld up that hole with out buggering the threads.
then clean up the old one and run. and toss the thermo crap thing in the trash.

do a search on slipped belts and time and time again you will see all the slipped happened with the new thermo crap type.

I have only heard of one that was with the old type. and page after page of the new types,

and a lot of us have been running with out any problems with the oil feed welded up

I would leave the oil drain open and use a 'O' ring there(a common forgot part) and a small amount of oil will splash up and keep the plunger lubed.
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