Teflon Valve Stem Seals???

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Teflon Valve Stem Seals???

Post by Duk » Tue Mar 04, 2014 8:21 pm

Something tells me that this has been asked before, but I looked and couldn't find anything.....................

So, is there any worth in using Teflon valve stem seals?
I have a set for my 12 valve and will begin to reassemble 1 of the heads soon and am curious as to the benefits, or lack there of, of Teflon valve stem seals.
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Re: Teflon Valve Stem Seals???

Post by slyalfa » Fri Apr 25, 2014 3:52 pm

At one point there were thought to be the best.
I have taken old green viton that was a good as new off old worn down motors.
The main thing as far as I know the guides are different for the Teflon Valve Stem Seals and they can be a tad taller that can be a problem with hi lift cams

The green viton fit on the stock type guide.
The Teflon fit on the centerline guides.

So depending on which guides you have you need to use the right seals for that guide.

And never use the junk black guys that come in a kit they are hard to start with and seem to start to leak in no time.

Now if you were going to mix and match I would use the Teflon on the exhaust side as that side runs a lot hotter and the Teflon is the king of hi temp again the guides have to match the type seal used.
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