Spare parts?

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Spare parts?

Post by BotswanaAlfa » Tue Jun 17, 2014 10:20 am

Hi guys, as my name implies i live in botswana, im heading up to joburg in a week and i need to know a place which has the most comprehensive spares for my alfa, i need the following bits. any ideas?

spark plug coil
water pump
Cam belts
alternator belts
Gearbox donuts
Oil filter
Fuel Pump
Brake Kit
Clutch Kit
Synthetic gearbox oil
Gearbox shift Kit (cant remember the name saw it mentioned with links to alfaholics any of them available here?)
Cambelt Tensioner
Air filter
Air intake Manifold

Its quite a list i know :oops:
'83 GTV6 stock with Wildcat exhaust system
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