Suspension Settings...

Alfa Romeo ONLY please!
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Suspension Settings...

Post by PietereQ » Mon Jul 25, 2011 12:10 pm

I have been thinking about it for a while, and I came up with such idea... This site is and has been great for it's users sharing their knowledge and experience with others, and how about a talk strictly devoted to the way, we set our cars so we can pull as much lat. G's as we can with our transaxle alfas. :?: I' know that it's often of personal preference the car behaves but we can all agree, that gtv6 that scrubs it's side mirrors when cornering isn't going to make good times on track rignt? I just thought it would be very useful to store that knowledge in one topic so it could be easily found and analysed at any time

Since I'm a newbie racer, and I just have recently brought my car to the point, that it can be more or less properly set for cornering, I wonder what you think abut this setup:

Car: GTV6
Engine/power: 2,5 so far stock'ish
Wheels/Tyres: 215/45 R17 semislick

Spring rates:
Front: 160N/mm
Rear: 70N/mm
30mm adjustable front AR bar
Stock rear AR bar

Front static camber: 3-3,5 degree?
Caster/CastOr :mrgreen: 8 deg?
Toe out front 1 mm?

I'm not touching the de Dion at the moment, but planning camber and toe ofc.

Soooo... how bad/good is it as a settings for starters?
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Re: Suspension Settings...

Post by Giuliettaevo2 » Mon Jul 25, 2011 1:18 pm

Giulietta 2.0 TS
- stock 75 TS engine and box.
- TS driveline with upgraded brakes ( volvo callipers, 25,4mm mastercyl.)
- 2,5-3 degrees camber.
- 0 toe in/out.
- max caster, believe it was like 9 degrees.
- casterball mod.
- 28mm AR bar at front stock rear.
- 16" with 195-45 and 205-45 tyres.
- lowered with stock torsion bars (2 teeth) and springs.
- yellow koni all around, almost fully closed up front and halway closed in the back.

Very much grip and very neutral going into slight oversteer when pushed hard. Not very comfortable however. :wink: Very exciting to use as my daily driver, very dangerous for my license... :oops:
Drive it like you stole it...
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Re: Suspension Settings...

Post by fedezyl » Mon Jul 25, 2011 1:32 pm

I like this thread, I got bitten by the alfa racing bug too!! need infooo!! :D
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Re: Suspension Settings...

Post by kevin » Tue Aug 02, 2011 11:34 am

My car has been set up in stages . This is my first set up and it was excellent on track. Only thing I did modify was to lengthen rear shocks. The car had understeer through fast sweeps which suited me fine. This was when you could race the whole season and nothing broke. That all changed when 24v engine arrived . Anyway here is first set up
Car : GTV 6 2.5
Engine Mods : Stock
Box : 10/43 gripper ls
Wheels/Tyres: 2O5/50/15 semi slick
Interior : Roll cage with race seat . All else gutted.
Brakes : std rear, Ap calipers with std discs. Performance friction pads.
Spring rates: (RS Racing shocks and springs)
Front: 120N/mm plus 28mm adjustable torsion bars ( ex GTV 8 autodelta)
Rear: 50N/mm
AR bar front : 30mm RS
AR bar rear : stock
RS centre dedion uni ball
RS watts linkage
Bushes : All new Alfa original with powerflex castor arm. No polyurethane bushes on any rotational linkage points. Lower wishbone used roller bearings.
Toe : 1 deg toe in
Castor : 4.5 deg ( max i can get with 7j Rims)
Camber : 2.5 deg
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