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PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 4:59 am
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I have a troubled with my Alfetta gt(RHD) brake booster.
When I push brake pedal, the engine idle speed is too low. Releasing the pedal, engine runs well.
So I think that the BB is leaking when braking.
I removed the vaccum hose from BB, and blocked the hose with a bolt. Engine runs well, but it needs much effort for braking.

I tried replacing the BB, one from my donor car 75TS(LHD). I was little anxious about the work, it may be useless. Because the Alfetta`s BB is Ate, and the 75`s is other.
And I have surprised that the work was almostly straightforword. Only modification I need was blocking the line to the clutch master-cylinder.

Now I am very happy with effortless brake, but my fried said that it is usual as ordinaly car.
And I replied, if I am ordinaly driver, I will drive Japanese car.

near Kobe, Japan.
File comment: BB from 75TS
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