Which would you choose and why?

Which engine for you TA street car?

Nord Turbo @350BHP
8V TS Turbo @ 450BHP
3.0 Busso Turbo @ 450BHP
Total votes: 12
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Re: Which would you choose and why?

Post by 75evo » Sun Sep 09, 2018 7:19 pm

Yeah, I mean, with all due respect to the Nord which sound good in its own right, the Busso V6 sounds fantastic.

You got some fantastic roads to play with down there Kev. Except for those little 1.5 lane B roads which, although beautiful, can be a bit scary when tthe oncoming traffic are going twice the speed limit , I dunno how the Brits do it, with the speeds they drive at around a blind corner.

I was driving from Bristol to Mornmouth on the B4293 along the Wye valley, that would have been epic with a nice Busso twin turbo, in a narrow transaxle car. Nice bends and elevation changes, makes me want to rent that garage space down in Bosham even more now :lol:
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