Related to the Bowling & Grippo Fuel Injection system.
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Speeduino. Aussie Designed DIY Programmable ECU

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Given that it's too quiet around here and that this is in the true spirit of the Magasquirt philosophy, I thought getting some exposure for an Australian started DIY programmable ECU might be good for a look:
And the forum

Based around an Arduino 2560 Mega, these look to be very much like the original Megasquirt concept of straight forward, DIY and well priced. They even work with Tuner Studio. Tho it might not be for the feint hearted.
From what I can tell, the project is about 12-ish months old and has had a few upgrades in that time, as any project like this would.
I want another project car just to use 1 of these in it.
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