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A rare find from Cape Town - 1984 3.0 GTV

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2014 10:08 pm
by GraemeM
I have recently acquired a stellar unrestored 3.0 GTV and am quite keen to find out how many are still around in SA. Growing up I always drove Alfas – I have previously owned:

1982 2.0 Alfetta – 1st car
1974 GT Junior – 1750
1986 GTV 2.0 – one of the last vehicles produced in SA – I remember it still having the 3.0 charcoal interior and the long dashboard
1985 GTV 2.5

After getting married and starting a family I moved away from the brand into more family sized vehicles. A couple of months ago I came across my current vehicle and am now enjoying it thoroughly. Giorgio from Auto Azzurri will be servicing the vehicle and he currently services 6 3.0 GTV’s in the Cape Town area.

Re: A rare find from Cape Town - 1984 3.0 GTV

Posted: Tue Nov 25, 2014 1:11 pm
by kevin
Wow , these days it is rare to come across good condition gtv3.0 . I have kept a register of these cars since 2008 and have quite a few . On the register I try get as much info on the car as possible obviously including chassis and engine number. ( Alfa number and number on front pulley ) There are other aspects I like to record including seat pattern ( two types ) , dash board type( two types) , aircon , aerial placement , boot badge indentation , accelerator linkage type( cable or linkage) , steering wheel ( wooden or covered) and there are some more but not to bore you with .

There are a few small things to keep an eye just like every classic but you will find they are such a great drive . Its not the fastest out there but it definitely ain't slow . The sound and the low down torque always requires the window down and the stereo on permanent mute . You will receive comments from mates if you're driving behind them how aggressive the car looks in the mirrors with the deep spoiler , bulge in the bonnet and those beautiful compomotive wheels just filling the arches .

Rush has his car on here with pics of the chassis numbers etc . If you would like to put car on register send me details and I can keep it private between the owners or you can zap them up here in this section .
Rush' car

If you need any tips on maintenance drop me an email but I'm sure all is covered by your specialist in Cape Town .
I might even have this car on my register .
Your previous collection is really specific . I bet you wished you still had those . The last six 2.5 GTV were actually 3.0 shells . ( 99.9% the same as the 2.5 )
Ps you can still buy the original compomotive caps for your wheels and I had some perfect replica stickers made for them as well .

Re: A rare find from Cape Town - 1984 3.0 GTV

Posted: Tue Nov 25, 2014 10:25 pm
by GraemeM
Hi Kevin, It definitely is extremely difficult to find decent condition 3.0 GTV’s nowadays. There are some out there but they belong to collectors who don’t want to part with them – we know why. Mine was bought by the previous owner as part of a 4 car consignment and I was just in the right place at the right time when he decided to sell. Registration papers was an issue with the car and this took 3 months to sort out once the terms of the sale had been agreed. This one has no rust at all and is still original paint – the vehicle was buffed and polished before purchase but there are some small imperfections in terms of stone chips and 1 or 2 small scratches which give the car character . The compomotives were refurbished about a year ago – I am definitely keen on getting the original caps for them and it would be great if you could steer me in the right direction. The interior is charcoal and it has the long dash – rev counter, speedo and clock in the main binnacle. The car was fitted with aircon but was removed at some stage - I have all the components – not sure if I will refit as they are renowned to not be that good. The steering wheel is covered in leather. It looks like the accelerator linkage is not cable. The aerial is placed in front, centre but I will take a pic the weekend when I move the car out of the garage again. As far as I can remember the engine number is 171 but I will check again. Not sure if the vehicle came with the red striping or if it was removed somewhere along the line. I see one of the previous owners also did not like the chrome tail pipe and replaced it with a black one. It would be great to get sight of a vehicle registry to see how many are still around. Cheers

Re: A rare find from Cape Town - 1984 3.0 GTV

Posted: Thu Nov 27, 2014 10:37 am
by kevin
Hi Graeme , that's a very late body shell . Probably find it was first registered 84/01/01 .
Your have a cable to operate the carbs . The linkage you see is what came with cars but was never used . It was triggered by a solenoid on the Akfa 6 for choke only that closes the large butterfly that some people think is a throttle body .
The early GTV had a linkage all the way to carbs and as you pulled off the engine moved which added to some more surprising power :) this was changed after about seven cars . Its always prudent to keep a spare accelerator cable in boot if you going on long trips as they do snap due to the tight angles or many years of use or even bad adjustment . Don't worry I have only ever had one snap . Its just a serviceable item on an old classic but yours looks absolutely mint for an unrestored car .
You can see on the body tags the fine spray from the micro dotting the Police do when you change ownership .
It bothered me so I got them to apply the micro dotting with a fine paint brush on the other one .
I saw your pm and will dig out register this weekend .
The caps are £10 each and you can get them from Barry at Compomotive in Uk . If you ordering let me know or just let Barry know its same order I took . Incidentally he was working at Compomotive back in the day they supplied Alfa Romeo South Africa with these wheels for the Gtv3.0 .

Re: A rare find from Cape Town - 1984 3.0 GTV

Posted: Fri Nov 28, 2014 4:44 am
by GraemeM
Hi Kevin, Correct - the car was first registered 01-01-1984 - thanks for the compomotives contact - I am just checking with the previous owner if he has the caps as it could have been switched out when he refurbished. Have a good weekend - Graeme

Re: A rare find from Cape Town - 1984 3.0 GTV

Posted: Fri Dec 05, 2014 4:28 am
by GraemeM
Hi Kevin,

I am also looking for an original bonnet grille - someone has poked holes in the one I have. Do you know if these are still available anywhere?



Re: A rare find from Cape Town - 1984 3.0 GTV

Posted: Fri Dec 05, 2014 11:21 am
by kevin
Hi Graeme , I had some made by the guy who made them in eighties but I left the balance of them with Dawie at Glenwood . If he does not have any then Kevin from AK classics kept one of mine which he had some copies ( of the copy) made . Certainly does finish off the car if they are in good shape .
Have a close up look on your old grille and you will see their is a texture in it . Jack who made these for Alfa explained he still had masking tape left in the original mould which was imprinted into the grills . Look closely and you will see what I mean . Just funny to hear the stories about these cars when they were made .
I'm still have not unpacked my old Alfa files to pull out register .