Please post a pic of yourself or your car tell us about yourself and let us know where you are from.
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Re: Fernando's Alfa GTV6 3 Litre 24V Twin Turbo

Post by SydneyJules »

X5 drivers deserved to be pissed off, anyway, don't they?

i see it as a fair trade off for them buying such an ugly car- they offend us visually, you slow them down the only time they do something even remotely related to off-road driving!

Post some videos up when you get a chance... I'd love to see that girl of yours fly!
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Re: Fernando's Alfa GTV6 3 Litre 24V Twin Turbo

Post by Fernando »

Hi Sydney Jules,

This is my first time back on the site. I have been medically unable to drive my Alfa for three months now. All because my liver has just about packed up thanks to Hepatitus C picked up from untreated whole blood when I was about 6 years old. I was a hairs breath from kicking the bucket a month ago and I have been in hospital since. Now its wait for a donor liver.

The Prof treating me laughed when I asked him when can I get behind the wheel of my Alfa again... :lol: I suppose the fact that the only magazines he sees me reading are Motorsport and EVO with its tag line 'The thrill of Driving'.

They let me out for this weekend with strict instructions so I can watch , what is to me the Holy Grail , of motor racing the Le Mans 24 Hours. We are lucky in SA that the full 24 hours is shown without interruption. I want the AF Corse Ferrari's to kick the snot into the Ford GT in the ProAm class and would prefer Porsche to win it outright in LMP1.

Hopefully I will get some footage of the twin when my brother takes me for a drive...Alfa's are like drugs, you need that fix sooner than later.

Till then remember ' Alfa Romeo , lets drive and drive until the sun comes up' 8)
"Racing is life,everything before and after is just waiting."- Steve Mqueen
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Re: Fernando's Alfa GTV6 3 Litre 24V Twin Turbo

Post by KevinR »

Geez F , hang in there bud . That's not good news . My mate in SA pulled through also having got it since about 4 years old . He did beat it a few years ago after travelling the world visiting every possible doctor until he found his own dietary way . ( to complex subject for me) . Drop me PM .
I got an email from the local Alfa dealership today edvertising they will be out in full force with the new Giulia and large Alfa display at Goodwood this coming weekend .
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