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2 GTV6 projects found!

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I'm new to this website, and am here in hopes that somebody out there is willing to rescue 2 Alfa Romeo GTV6's that I found sitting on a farm last week. The cars definitely fall into the "project" category, as they have not been on the road since 1997. I know this because they both have Pennsylvania license plates & Pa. state inspection stickers that expired in 1997.

Although I'm a "car guy" I really don't want these cars, as I already have too many projects waiting to be completed. My father owned a late '50's or early '60's Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider when I was a kid - over 40 years ago. I remember that car as being quite troublesome, hard to start, with a slightly fussy transmission (it would sometimes grind going into 2nd gear). My dad wasn't mechanically inclined, so when he pulled the head off of the engine, I knew the car would likely never run again. I won't give you nightmares by telling you the ultimate fate of that pretty little car. Just know that it no longer exists in any form.

Anyway, when out riding my motorcycle last week, I happened upon 2 1985 Alfa GTV6's, sitting on a farm beside a back country road, not far from where I grew up as a kid all those years ago. One of them looks to be restorable, while the other is a bit beyond that point, but would be a good "parts car".

As mentioned, I'm a "car guy", so I just had to stop and check them out. However, I know from past experiences of restoring MG's and Triumph's that finding parts for European cars can be an exercise in futility, not to mention an expensive pain in the neck. Therefore, I will not bring these 2 cars home. I'm hoping that there is somebody out there who would be willing to give these two "not-that-old" Alfa's a good home, and put at least one of them back on the road.

The cars are located in Pennsylvania (USA), between the small towns of Elizabeth and Monongahela, and they can be seen from road. The road is officially named "Raccoon Run Road", but most of the locals still refer to it as "Kelly Run Road. The owner of the farm is named either George or Jeff Geottle (rhymes with "kettle"). He wasn't home when I stopped to ask about the cars, but if you want me to try again, please let me know.

I can be contacted via my regular email at, or if you want to phone me, my cell number is (412) 951-3807. I won't pick up if I see a number I can't identify, but feel free to leave me a voicemail, and I promise to call you back.

I hope somebody out there wants these cars!
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