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Camshaft marking on ends ?

Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2016 8:52 am
by mirlock
Next question.

Still Cams but this time can anyone tell me if the cams can be set to tdc pre-degreeing position . I have to re time the cams due to an error and last time was juist grief with the Dial gauge i have. so i want to set the cams to start position and then degree them 110 / 110 (profiled cams)

Hope some one can shed some light as its going round in my head and i cant check it myself at the moment as im a long way from where the car is

Best add a pic of my engine as-well


Re: Camshaft marking on ends ?

Posted: Mon Jun 06, 2016 6:51 am
by Jim K
Just set them on the factory-scribed marks. They provide for 109* lobe centers, insignificantly different from your 110*.

Jim K.

Re: Camshaft marking on ends ?

Posted: Mon Jun 06, 2016 12:21 pm
by 105gta.
Hi mirlock, as Jim said, just set them to the factory scribed lines and you'll be as close as the human eye can make it. You mention 'profiled' cam shafts. I assume you mean re-profiled cams. In which case it would come down to how accurate the cam grinder was in setting up each of the 4 cams before grinding. Each one could be a few degrees off from the factory marks. But close. The only way to sure would be set them up with dial gauges and make your own marks for future reference, belt changes etc...
On another note, I'm very interested in your engine. It would be nice to see a write up with some details and specs etc... A boosted 24v is in my todo list ;)

Re: Camshaft marking on ends ?

Posted: Tue Jun 07, 2016 3:27 pm
by mirlock
Thanks guys for the reply, The cams were done by Newmans who are meant to be good so i would guess the fella doing the re-profile should keep it as close as he could.

I will have a fiddle and see how its goes .

As for my engine i have no problems giving details as i was going to do a write up, so ive taken photos of everything ive done and i will have before and after dyno readings.

Although it will be a couple more weeks yet as before i put the engine back in again i have to respray the engine bay etc, As the project is a complete restore.

But the basics of the turbo is .. td05 g20 running 8 psi but i opened the heads up 5cc each cylinder more to lower the compression,on testing it started and ran no problems. each upgrade i added i fitted the engine ran it then removed just to keep things simple as its only me working on it and was in no rush.

full engine changes are as follows but i will make an effort to list it all with pics whebn done.

3.0 24v
Started with rebuild
Compression lowered slightly
The cam profile is 264 Duration / Inlet lift 9.95 - Exhaust Lift 9.95 / Timing 110deg - 110deg
Ported but mainly just getting rid of casting defects etc
Bigger plenum
F430 Throttle body
Turbo 8 psi (just for a starting pressure)
Computer controlled Nitrous Oxide system
Added better oil cooling and bigger rad (alloy)
cf2 manifolds
Fiat Abarth alloy intercooler
Uprated injectors 320cc @3.8bar 420@about 5 bar
Uprated fuel pump
Fuel pressure regulator (raises pressure via turbo pressure)

Thats the basics of it i think any questions yo8u think of just give me a shout i will try to answer

Thanks again for both your replies