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Engine Won't Crank, But Fuel Pump Buzzes.

Post by Enrique »

My '85 won't crank. When I turn the key to the start position, I hear the fuel pump (and smell gas), but there's no cranking whatsoever.
I hooked up the battery to a jump-start box, but that made no difference.
The volts at the both of two thick cables on the firewall are 12.4V when the key is off, and 11.78V when the key is in the cranking position (see photo of where I measured volts).
Can someone here please help me with the next step of diagnosing what's wrong?
Thank you!
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Re: Engine Won't Crank, But Fuel Pump Buzzes.

Post by Murray »

First place I'd look is the ignition switch.I've replaced a few due to similar failures.First step is to manualy override it by taking 12V to the starter solenoid and see if this engages the starter and spins the motor.
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