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GoTech ECU's in 2021

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Anyone still out there using the older GoTech ecu's? We have a ProX installed in a GTV6 with a 164LS 24v installed. Im in the middle of tuning this car and may have some questions. Figured I would see who's still around.

Wondering why my older software ProX Tuner V 2.4 doesnt like any of the .dfi maps found in this section. It will only load .ecu files. I was hoping to open up a few maps posted here to see what others have done setting up their maps.

I have emailed info@powermods and havent heard anything back from them. I had a few accuracy issues regarding my air intake temps and wideband oxygen sensor readings in the gotech software.

Can anyone explain the difference between the .dfi and .ecu files?
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