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Alfa Romeo ONLY please!
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I don't know much about regulations but most of the cars in the pics are in the modified plus class, wich means they have to have an Alfa engine but there are hardly any restrictions.
The modified 2000 class consists of moded alfa's but the original set up can not be altered too much, although most cars no longer have torsion bars and run coil over set ups but the rear brakes can not be mounted on the wheels, mostly 75 TS with power reaching 225 BHP.
And a classic class with giulia's, bertone etc,
Most of the drivers i believe are real alfa enthusiasts, probably the best/biggest alfa racing class in the world.

The Black 75 is fitted with a BTCC155 2.0 16V 300 bhp enginer
red 75 IMSA is 1.8 Turbo 420bhp
grey 75 (used to be)is a 1.6 TS Turbo
red 75 2.0 16V Turbo 155 Q4 engine
147 Gta Cup cars 220 bhp 2.0 16V TS
155 STW D2 300 BHP 2.0 16V
156 STC 2.0 16V 290bhp?
75 TS 220bhp
147 cars are almost 10 seconds faster than the plus 200bhp 75 Twin sparks on zandvoort race track
155 3.0 V6 24v Q2 NovaCorse

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