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1984 GTV6 Resto Project or Parts Car - Durham, NC

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Hi all,

Selling a 1984 GTV6 that I once had envisioned restoring but simply do not have any time for. I'd rather pass it to someone else - preferably a fellow Alfa enthusiast - than have it continue to deteriorate from neglect.

- body is in decent shape, some rust around sunroof and windshield (see pics). Small hole in spare tire well. Underbody otherwise looks good, car originally came from California.
- comes with lots of new parts (pistons/liners, cylinder head parts, complete gasket set, guibos, ...) and a complete MegaSquirt system. I still have the original L-Jetronic parts.
- was repainted ~2003 but has since developed rust around sunroof and windshield, see pics

- it's been sitting for the past few years after having started to restore it. Interior needs redone (or torn out completely for track use). Rear seats may be ok but dash is out, front seats are bust, carpet is questionable, window seals and trim are coming off...
- engine is currently out of the car and completely torn down. All parts are there, but needs to be pieced back together. Cylinder head mating surfaces were filled & remachined.

Car is located in Durham, NC. Pickup preferred as there are several boxes of parts to go with it.

Make me an offer if interested.
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'84 GTV6
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