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Calloway turbo for sale

Post by xrad »

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Re: Calloway turbo for sale

Post by Terafrost »

Is it just me, or has that car been mentioned on this forum before?

I recall the story of one that had rusted out, so the owner transplanted everything into a healthier car.

Surely out of the 30-odd made, there can't be many with the same story?

I'd still happily take it off his hands if it were in the right price range... and country :|

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Re: Calloway turbo for sale

Post by kilrfrg »

Sorry can't help you with the country, but as far as the price, the car is priced at $15900 and that also includes many extra parts such as gear box, driveshaft and many other parts and interior parts.
I have received so much grief over this car, trying to list it that I would have been better of being dishonnest and sell it as a callaway since no one can supply accurate records of the cars that were converted.
So much for being honnest and telling the whole story about the car.
I guess I do not want anyone to feel like I felt when the original car rolled of the truck and was closely inspected!
Anyway it is still available and runs great, I have lots of pis of the redo.
Happy motoring
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