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For Sale: 1986 GTV6 x 2

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I am offering a pair of red 1986 GTV6s to a good home for $6,000 obo. These cars have been my daily drivers in Washington, DC for 19 years. After 25 years of driving only Alfas (I started with a Spider, then my first baby sent me looking for a coupe), I guess I’ve kind of “graduated”… recently bought a really sweet ’03 Maserati Coupe GT. So you know who’s in my one-car garage now. It kinda kills me to part with my Alfa(s), but I must.

I bought what I will call Alfa #1 from the original owner in 1991; until late 2002, it had been garage-kept and maintained meticulously. I had an extended warranty on it and a local Alfa dealer (remember those?) who was extremely adept at exploiting it for his (and my) benefit. In late 2002, I broke the transmission, and went on the ‘net in search of another. Instead, I had the good fortune of finding another whole car, which I just could not pass up: Alfa #2 was a Richard Stephens-prepared 6 in Florida that was being sold by Bob Cozza, whom Alfisti will recall as the founder/owner of Bobcor Motors. He was dividing his time between Florida and Italy; this GTV was his Florida car.

But by then, unfortunately, life was causing Bob to spend most of his driving time in the minivan, and he regretted that the 6 was not getting used and appreciated more (52k on the clock at the time). I bought it sight-unseen and drove it home, where it displaced Alfa #1 in the one-car garage. It was my daily driver until I got the Maserati in December.

About Alfa #1: After retiring it, in 2003 I felt this car simply had too much life and heart to become a parts car. I ended up having its transmission rebuilt completely and put in Alfa #2, and then putting the perfectly fine transmission from #2 into #1. I then had two roadworthy GTV6s.

For the last eight years, though, #1 has had to sit, covered, under trees; of course, I’ve started and driven it a couple of times each year, but time has taken its toll, most notably in fairly substantial rust (front fenders, wheel wells, trunk) and, inexplicably, a broken windshield. At 105K, though, this car has very good bones—very solid engine, clutch, tranny, interior, etc.; yes, the sheet metal work would be extensive, but this car is, I think, still much more a candidate for restoration than for parting out. I’ve got every service record on it since new—quite a stack. The car has never been wrecked.

About Alfa #2: Clearly the better car of the two, this one is a very presentable GTV6, with still only 82k on the clock. Body-wise, it is now time for some attention, but not extensively so. This car, too, has been meticulously maintained mechanically, by Julio of Milano Motors in Wheaton, MD. I didn’t get a lot of records from Bob when I bought it (he did tell me Richard Stephens put cams in it), but I’ve got all of my own, which are extensive. Main highlights:

Rebuilt transmission at 55k
Valve job, tensioner, timing belt, water pump, injectors,seals etc. at 60k
Brake calipers at 69k and 81k
Rear coil springs, transmission mounts at 70k
Front, middle, rear flex couplings, drive shaft support, bearings at 75k
Front tires (Falken) at 78k
Rear shocks at 79k
Ball joints, tie rods, steering column weld fix at 78k
AC, alternator belts at 81k
Ansa exhaust, Hella halogen low beams, Blaupunkt CD/MP3/AM/FM, 4 Infiniti speakers

As far as the body, this car is just now starting to show some of the behind-front-wheel-well rust, and there is some perforation now in the spare tire well, so it’s time for intervention. Elsewhere, there’s a spot over the right rear wheel and a couple of minor places on the front clip, and both rear-view mirrors have some rust; both mirrors, I should add, are held on with hose clamps because the hard plastic goo that originally held them in place inside the mount has disintegrated and this was the best fix I could figure out. Finally, there is a minor scrape over the left front wheel, and the front bumper is askew-- both because I was a knucklehead in a parking garage on two occasions. Interior-wise, there is a great Sportline walnut wheel and shift knob, the seats are in really good shape, and the dash has some cracks.

Attached pics show: both cars, with #2 in foreground; then Alfa #2, which has red bumpers (2), then #1 (2).

I have not priced these cars separately, as yet, because I am hoping to sell them in a single transaction. I will also throw in a new, never-installed OEM front spoiler, a new dashboard top from IAP and the GTV6 CD-rom service manual.

Call/write for more pics:; (202) 255-7313. If you are around for the AROC 100th Celebration in MD this weekend and want to come see and drive them, give a shout; I may drive #2 out to Frederick at some point. Shaun Pharr
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