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1984 Alfa Romeo GTV6 3.0 Homologation RED Split Dash

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Hello, This car is one a very few remaining decent examples of this unique, limited production cars, only 206 examples built exclusively in South Africa - so it's RHD. I think more than enough has been written on this forum about these fantastic performance cars - but I'll just add this;

Get out of a GTV6 2.5 Injection and swap to a GTV6 3.0 with six Dellorto carbs and the extra punch combined with growl is going to make you smile even more - its a lifetime experience.

She is in very good fettle, showing 84,000 klm on the odometer (some 52k miles). The car is perfect for her age. Just had a new clutch, new brakes, new tyres and a good service plus a few stone-chips repaired. I have tracked this car for over 2-years now and she is up for grabs at a BARGAIN price.

Listen guys, if you have the cash then put your money where your mouth is and buy it. I'm not interested in "bull" about oh dear the seats are'nt right or it's not a full-dash version! That's just an excuse for a fence sitter.

This car is going to cost you GBP12,205 to ship to UK, EU or Australia. The import duties will vary but for example the BTI allowance from the DVLC in the UK will mean that you will be faced with a further GBP910 in taxes to import.

Contact me directly PeterAnsonJackson at or call +27-83-334-9523.
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