With the oldest GTV6 nearing 40 years in service, a forum to document projects and restoration seems sensible.
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Re: South Africa - 1982 GTV6 2.5 Restoration (50/100)

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Thanks MD,
I have no intention to sell after the effort going into the car, so will keep it as original as possible but there are a few of these types of minor changes.
I don't even think the original nuts and bolts anywhere were zinc plated and protected with a yellow passivate - but it is far more robust than any painting.
My intention is also to have 2 sets of interiors and external bumpers etc - one set as original as possible and the other "what I would like".
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Re: South Africa - 1982 GTV6 2.5 Restoration (50/100)

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Hi Mike, that’s a massive effort . Hopefully you will inspire quite a few more guys to go the extra mile to do a proper restoration. Talking about zinc plating or yellow passivate I have found all nuts and bolts on the car to be this colour . Only the self tapping screws vary from galvanised (which we change to stainless in uk ) and black . Cap screws in the car were black .
Question : did you ever log the hours . I did that on my restoration.
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