With the oldest GTV6 nearing 40 years in service, a forum to document projects and restoration seems sensible.
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Covid isolation project 75

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Heres a little stay at home project you can build on the kitchen table, i stumbled across this body shell on Ebay last year and couldn't resist it, originally planning to put wheels on and have it as a static model, as with most Alfa projects this changed and i mounted it on a standard Tamiya 1/10 scale RC chassis. This comes as a kit and took about a day to assemble, the stock rims looked lost under the Evo guards and i was amazed to discover they're available in various offsets, settling on 9mm rears and 6mm fronts!
Its seriously quick and drifts nicely around the car park, all the lights work which looks good at night.
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Re: Covid isolation project 75

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Cool project. Attach a link for some of those drifts !
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