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i wonder if i could setup some kind of "line lock" for an E-brake with that nissan setup...admittedly im unsure right now how in the hell im going to fit an E-brake handle anywhere in the car..and a pedal is well OUT of the question as there definatly isnt room on the firewall for one.....ive felt some fade out of the rear brakes on the gtv6 before while driving aggressively thru winding roads to the beach..just wondered how much of that was heat problems

figured my "project" being under 2000lbs would make a HUGE differance on brake fade since its stopping a considerable less mass...hell compared to my cudas with 2800lbs with disc's up front and 11x3 drums on the back the gtv6 stops like a dream..i fear my 58 ford with its 10x3 drums all the way around

and i posted up the project in the "other" area...see this place is HUGELY laid back compared to alfa bb
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laidback - yeah, not too many 'polishers' around here.

line lock will work, but may not be legal where you are (depends on whether you need an independent form of braking or not)

cooling will make up for size (up to a point) - amazing what you can make small brakes achieve with enough air pointed at them.
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