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A little RHD brake mod

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So, I was pumping the brakes yesterday, bleeding them. I bleed the old fashioned way, with an old tin, a piece of hose with a one way valve on it.
Anyway, I was keeping an eye on the master cylinder reservoir and as I pumped noticed a staggering amount of upward movement, probably an inch of upward movement at the end of the cylinder!
I'd heard about the RHD issue of not being able to get "nice"feeling brakes under load, and this just would not do!
I removed the washer bottle and had a look, then decided a solution could be made. Got a nice piece of 1" bar stock, bent the ends, drilled a couple of holes and done!
As you can see, it fits in very nicely and doesn't interfere with anything, not even that giant washer bottle.
Nice big hardened washer to spread the load, this was an existing hole in the shock tower I enlarged.

Regards, Andrew.
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Re: A little RHD brake mod

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top idea that one!
1983 GTV6 2.8 litre
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