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Re: JK 24v 3liter last!

Post by 75evo »

Very good point Kev. Even my mechanic has told me the coil packs can be a problem with misfire error codes.
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Re: JK 24v 3liter last!

Post by Saabretooth »

Thanks Kev, while the coils are less than a year old and about 20k km used.
Did a swap from front to rear and its still has misfire on idle.

Could be that the mech might have been a bit off when he set the markings on the rear cams, that's my only assumption left.

Perplexing issue this is....
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Re: JK 24v 3liter last!

Post by kevin »

As I said when misfired occurs get car in dark place and look for arcing in and around covers . Could even be pinching a coil wire when covers went back - not unusual . Must do that test .
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