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Early vs. late oil pump drive gears

Posted: Wed Feb 10, 2016 3:36 am
by PietereQ
I have a late ('95) 3.0 motor from 164 super, that I wanna drop into my GTV6 while retaining L-jet (think in terms of a weekend swap deal). Thing is I remember (or I'm actually making things up now) hearing about a chap who wanted to do the same with 164 QV engine, but it came out that the gearing on the pump shaft is different, thus meaning higher rpm of the pump shaft, in effect making the use of distributor impossible. Afaik the late 12V had oil squirters so increase in pressure output would make sense.

Quick question: are oil pump drive gears (cambelt pulley to oil pump shaft) on all 12V engines interchangable/same?