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GTV 6 ECU part number!!!

Post by Nikola »

My car is 1982. euro spec and do not have a lambda sensor and catalytic converter.How is the situation in USA and other parts of the world,do You guys have all this or Your cars are euro spec like mine???

My ECU BOSCH part number is:

0 280 001 117

What is the situation with the rest of You???What BOSCH ECU number You have???
I would like to know because mine is faulty and I will be giving him for repair but I don't know will there be a way for fixing it so I want to see what is the story with ECU's.
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Re: GTV 6 ECU part number!!!

Post by kowfy »

i see this is a couple years ago and you probably have an answer by now.the us spec modell 81-83 has the ecu ending in 113 and has the ox.sensor.
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