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Fuel Smell ( the unobvious)

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Some times you have the fuel smell inside the car and after you check the obvious of a leak at the pump or the rubber coupling that joins the tank to the filler you start scratching your head .
This is not the most obvious but I have seen this problem a few time on the breather tank under the back board where one of the pipes becomes kinked this creating serious fuel smells and also airlocks when filling up . The pipe can kink when some one pulls it to hard from the underside of the car or it naturally collapses from age . A simple check if breather system is working without removing backboard is to disconnect pipe just next fuel sender unit and blow through it .
The pic below shows two types of pipe Alfa used and as you can see the black one has kinked . This was probably due to been pulled from underside .
If breather is not working you will also have huge pressure when undoing fuel cap . In the carb GTV this can also cause hydraulic lock in the cylinder if breather mechanism is faulty .
See both types of pics
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