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Adjust odometer

Post by Narvselius »

My original odometer gave up after 29 years... and lo and behold, but I managed to get my hands on a totally new one! As i want the kilometres to be correct, i need to adjust the new odometer.

Anyone with knowledge who this can be done in the smartest way? I took the old one apart in pieces so I could do that with the new one, but as I want it to wok when I assemble it again I would like to have your expertise how it can be done in a smarter way!
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Re: Adjust odometer

Post by BotswanaAlfa »

hey! :)
im just snowballing here but i think if you could get a pulse generator (from a university/electrical shop and create input signals to simulate speed (as the speed in these cars is done by electrical impulses) you could run it at 240 kph until it hits your required mileage. It may take a while thoug hand im not sure how exactly to do it. but its a way to do it without taking it apart :) so, presto a prisitine, used speedo :lol:
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