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Doug Gould
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Aircon Upgrade

Post by Doug Gould »

I'm about to get the aircon fixed in my GTV6. It doesn't do much except club sprints, so until now I haven't been bothered with the airconditioning which hasn't worked in some years. I'm planning to change the old York compressor for a rotary compressor from an Alfa 90.

Some time ago I recall reading that there was a significant weight saving in changing to the rotary compressor. But I can no longer find where I read it. Does anyone know?

I understand the newer rotary compressors are smoother and more powerful and less prone to failure.
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Post by MD »

Hi Doug,

Yes swapping over to the Sanden/rotary compressor is the way to go. More efficient and saves lots of engine bay space. While you are at it, get yourself an up to date condesnor as well and fit one in as big as you can.

Avoid second hand units unless you are supporting 16 kids. It's more trouble than its worth. Should be able to pick up a new Sanden for around $400 Oz bucks
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Aircon Upgrade

Post by Chino »


Can anybody tell me what this aircon upgrade consists of?
A shop is offering me an upgrade for about €600 which has a compressor and adapter brackets.

I would like to know what type of compressor it is, if it's difficult to adapt, If I can find a cheaper price and where, etc...

thanks for your help,

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Re: Aircon Upgrade

Post by Melvivio »

I still have the old condensor from 1980. The shop that is going to install the aircon in the winter (to busy now) said it will work just fine. It is quite large...

But still, in short. I want to try to rebuild the AC in my car. Its a bit difficult due to the newer engine. Does anyone have ever seen these conversions and have any idea what modifications (pictures of some sort) were done to make it work?

Everything is probably standard so need to get the dash apart, and Kevin already told me a thing or two on what some modifications might be. But more information is always welcome!
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