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Air Conditioning constantly on?! 1985 GTV6

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Hi guys,

Sorry if this is a really dumb question, but my 1985 GTV6 seems to have the a/c running the whole time. The compressor belt is turning when I look at the engine when it is running. I have just bought the car, and the A/C system needs a regas and leak check so its not blowing cold, but I noticed a hiss from the inside vents when shutting off the engine (like you get sometimes when switching A/C off). The blue A/C control is all the way anti clockwise and the fan switch is off - therefore the A/C should be off right? Or is there another A/C control? Or if it should be off, why is compressor belt still spinning? Could it be a broken switch? Is there a fuse a can remove if the switch is stuck on? I don't want to rob engine power until I can get it fixed up!

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Re: Air Conditioning constantly on?! 1985 GTV6

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Jon it is normal for the compressor belt to be constantly spinning.The pulley on the face of the compressor is attached to an electromagnetic clutch.When you command AC on ,and the system is functional, the clutch is engaged and then the belt rotation will be transferred through the clutch to the compressor itself.
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