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Dropping AC Unit

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We're trying to replace my '85's heater valve with an E-Jaguar unit. It's much wider, has protruding fingers around the periphery (metal tabs bent and clamped down to mate the front and back parts of the unit together) and has proved just impossible fit. No way to get fingers/needle-nose pliers/ratcheting wrenches on nuts or bolt heads to attach it to the heater core flange. We're now going to drop the AC unit (Behr) on the passenger side under the dash to provide more hand room and another angle of attack.

Question is: What's the procedure for getting this AC unit free? I see (and feel) one long threaded rod or stay on the unit rear with (I think) a nut on the bottom and another at the top of the rod inside the glove compartment. Somewhere, in years past, in some instruction on dash removal (which I can no longer find: May have been on another site) I recall mention of dropping the AC by removing this nut. But there's gotta be more than this holding the unit up. Can anybody give me a procedure for getting this thing dropped from the bottom of the dash? And...maybe some hints on getting it back in place?

Many thanks.
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Re: Dropping AC Unit

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Potable air conditioners are units that can be transferred from one room to another. The advantage that they have over the traditional air conditioning units is that they do not require any permanent installation. However, what they do require is a venting outlet, which can either be a window or a wall. Once the portable air conditioner unit is positioned, the exhaust hose has to set out of the room so that the hot air can be let out.
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Re: Dropping AC Unit

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