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Resevoir Cap Specification

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Can you tell me the pressure rating for the resevoir "radiator" cap? My current cap is stamped 0.7 which I am certain is 0.7 bar. It no longer holds pressure. A replacement that I just received from a reliable vendor is stamped 0.5 bar. I verified it to that pressure with my testing equipment.

The only thing I find on cardisk is a system test pressure of 1.1 bar.
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Re: Resevoir Cap Specification

Post by Mats »

Normally Aspirated engines 0.7bar, turbo 1.0bar. In my experience.
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Re: Resevoir Cap Specification

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There are many different ones available. Just start looking for one with 0.7 or slightly greater. Obviously running a too high pressure can cause damage to the engine or other parts of the cooling system. Newer cars run much higher pressures (1.2 etc) so I think best is 1 or close to.

This is the size of the Alfa cap. Maybe this will help you find a replacement part.
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