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Alignment for track/road Giulietta 116

Post by fedezyl »

Guys, i'm looking for some advice, my Giulietta V6 is running now and waiting a few weeks for the supercharger kit from Greg to arrive.

In the meantime it's getting tested in some track days and we found there could be room for improvement in the front wheel alignment.

Current suspension specs are:

30mm front anti roll bar

Std rear anti roll bar

28mm torsion bars

Koni yellows all round (I know they are crap and they will be changed soon for a set of bilsteins)

rear springs from performatek that matches the front torsion bar's stiffness.

Center De Dion bushing replaced by RZ uniball and all poly bushings in the watts links

Std bushings up front

Basically looking for someone with a 75/Milano with sort of the same setup as the Giulietta has the same wheel base.

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