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Re: New book?

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Hi Jim , my mates are patiently waiting for the nine copies that Richard ordered from you . I believe you might have to do another run of prints once the word gets out what a good mine of information is in there. Im sure once they have read the books and posted on FB or where ever they will be a another big demand ! Price is really low for this info ! Cheers
Jim K
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Re: New book?

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Hi Kevin, your books are on their way as of last Friday. You should have them sometime this week, if UK Customs don't screw thing up somehow. I would appreciate comments after you get around to reading it... :wink:
I've also put it on ebay, but since I am a first-time seller (although a 20-year buyer) I can't list more than 200GBP per month, which means 3 books per month! Oh well, fb will have to do for now.
Jim K.
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