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Re: 30mm Sway Bar

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PietereQ wrote:A little bit late, but since I have this arb, well I guess Ill chime in. As you noticed the price is very nice especially if you consider that arb's for our cars are just a hollow pipe with two arms welded on both ends - not really a rocket science. The bars are hollow, adjustable, welds are quite fine, the only issue I had was that the original paint was really bad and started peeling off very soon - to some that is not an issue, but I had mine powder coated later. All in all, go for it.
Thank you PietereQ

I have tried to email with no response, if I cannot buy one I might have to make one.

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Re: 30mm Sway Bar

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Realy good comunication and realy fast response :wink: recomended 8)
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Re: 30mm Sway Bar

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